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Your presence on our website shows that you are willing to grow, take your business at the next level. We believe we will fulfill all your expectations regarding your business. We are an Ecommerce Website Development Company​, we help you to sell your goods and services online. We are a team of professionals having hands-on experience in e-commerce portal development. We design and develop cost-effective, secure, reliable and highly scalable e-commerce websites.
We have designed a large number of eCommerce portals/websites to date. We provide eCommerce solutions to mid-scale industry to high scale industry. If you are searching for the best e-commerce website design company, you will find we are the best option among others.

Our e-commerce sites solutions comprise a wide range of excellent services for small and large e-commerce businesses.

Awesome Web Design

Modern, stunning web design boost the value of traffic and grow you from your competitors. And it’s not just the creative every pixel is placed carefully to provide a smooth user experience.

Catalog Production

It brings your customers close to your products and services with creatively crafted catalogs, impress shoppers with attractive and honest descriptions that put your work in the best light.

Online Shop Setup

Showcase your products in an innovative way that could increase your conversion rate. Addition of the online store features which helps your customer to give best experience.

Branding and Identity

Give your customers endless reasons to purchase with authoritative company identity.

Traditional Advertising

Make your online business stand out in direct mail, publications & in other forms of messaging that create a unique brand presence.

Digital Advertising

It accelerates customer purchase by boosting your presence to top search results, social media markets, and email advertising.

We don’t just build website for you, we help you to sell.

Benefits of Ecommerce Website

Advantages of our ecommerce web development:

  • Easy to manage and modify videos, images, add products with ease and thus are best to use.
  • Can exchange seaward by the methods for your web-based business site and consequently can produce expanded income from various nations.​
  • Best in navigation with creative e-commerce web design and fast ordering process by the company.​
  • Created on open-source platforms​
  • We provide the quality content to our clients which is fully SEO friendly.
  • We also give our clines chance to leave their feedback, as it helps to give us an idea of your services and products in the marketplace.

Ecommerce Website Features

01. Home Page Customization
  • Top Menu Implementation with submenu support
  • Copyrights Footer module Implementation
  • Footer Menu Implementation
  • Left / Right side Custom text module
  • Quick Contact Info module
  • Inner Page Design and Customization, the layout will differ from the Homepage
  • Converting the uniquely designed graphics design into CMS layout.
  • Configuring the CMS module Positions & layouts
02. Content Pages
  • Adding content pages up to 10 pages with proper alignment
  • One or more images included in the page
  • A content page includes company profile, about us, Service details, vision-mission, History about the company and Privacy policy, etc.
03. Slide Show – Admin Functionality
  • Admin can able to add images to the banner slide show
  • Admin can able to view/edit the images in the banner slideshow
  • Admin can able to delete the images in the banner slideshow
04. Front End – Search
  • Basic and Advance search option
  • Search result page with listing all matched entries with the navigation
  • After selecting any one of the lists goes to the Entry detailed page
  • Display the Entry detail page
  • Option for select the entries from Alphabet
05. User Registration Process
  • User Registration with specific fields like Username, Name, Email & Password
  • Account activation using email verification code to avoid the junk registration
  • Login Module for user login from the front end
  • Recovery Password Option
06. User Profile Page
  • After login user can view their profile page
  • User can edit the profile details.
  • User can change the password.
  • The profile page has the following options:-My accounts, My orders, My wishlist, Others
07. User Management - Admin Functionality
  • Admin can view all the user list
  • Admin can edit the user profile details
  • Admin can delete / Block any user
08. Product Catalogue/Catalogue Management
  • The page is designed with the list of products, each product will have an image and the basic information like Product name, Price, Discount, Color
  • The page is sorted by price like Low, High, All prices
  • The page is also having the filters like New Arrivals, Color, Size, Brand, Price
09. Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • User can click the buy now button, it will be added in their cart
  • Again giving the option to continue shopping or go to the checkout
  • Check out page process, showing the cart item list
  • User can update/delete the items from the shopping cart
  • Shipping methods select the page
  • Billing information collect page
  • Payment Method select page
  • Order confirmation page
  • Order email confirmation email will go to Admin and User
  • Shopping Cart with product images and editable quantities
  • Estimated shipping cost and tax before check-out
  • Pre-registered auto-fill fields
  • Email opt-in during checkout
  • Custom Message during Checkout for Delivery Instructions
10. Billing
  • Generate Invoice in PDF
  • Get Invoice copy on the email
  • Save invoice copy in User Account in website
11. Order Management
  • Admin can manage the orders of the user.
  • Admin can accept/reject the order.
12. Payment Gateway
  • Admin can View all the Payment Methods
  • Admin can modify the Payment Methods details
  • Support any one of the following payment: PayPal, Bank payment gateways, Payumoney
  • When the user selects for the pay now option, he need to fill few details about him.
  • User needed to choose the mode of payment which takes the user to fill the bank details.
13. Orders and Reports
  • Admin can View all the Orders list
  • Admin can Edit / Delete Orders from the list
  • Admin can manage the orders of the user
  • Admin can accept/reject the order
  • Order can filter by Payment Status and Order Number
  • Admin can view the reports
  • Admin can filter the reports for Date Range, Monthly, Weekly, Daily
14. User, Coupons, Discounts and Others
  • Admin can View all the Users and User Groups
  • Admin can Edit / Delete the users data
  • Admin can create a Coupon code for Discount
  • Admin can give the rewarding system to users
  • Admin can add any number of countries
  • Admin can add any number of Currencies
  • Based on the coupon code user will get discount
15. Inventory Management
  • Admin can add/edit/delete the inventory
16. Comment & Ratings
  • User can write comments on any Products
  • There is an option of giving ratings for the products(5 star rating)
  • Admin can add/edit/delete any comment and rating
17. Testimonial
  • Admin can view all the Testimonial
  • Admin can Add any number of Testimonial
  • Admin can Edit / Delete the existing Testimonial
  • Admin can published / Unpublished the existing Testimonial
  • Admin can change the order of existing Testimonial display in the frontend
  • Testimonial base support Images
  • User can view all the list of Testimonial
18. FAQ (Admin and User Functionality)
  • Admin can view all the FAQ’s
  • Admin can Add any number of FAQ’s
  • Admin can Edit / Delete the existing FAQ’s
  • Admin can published / Unpublished the existing FAQ’s
  • Admin can change the order of existing FAQ’s display in the frontend
  • FAQ’s base support Images
  • User can view all the list of FAQ’s
  • FAQ’s support the Accordion Effects in the front end
19. Social Networking Plugins
  • Follow us on various social media (FB, Twitter, g+)
20. Contact Us Page
  • Contact us page will have with form with 5 to 6 fields
  • Once the form submitted , email will go to Admin email id
  • Display the address of the Office location
  • Google Map support for display the Office Location
21. Testing and Fixing Bugs
  • Quality Testing for the entire website
  • Fixing if any bug is found
22. Migration to Live Server
  • Migrate the website from local server to live server