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We are young. We are digital.
We are remote-first. We begin
our day digitally & end it productively.

Responsible Freedom

Freedom to innovate, take
decisions and be in charge of the

Full Autonomy

This comes with strong work-
ethic, trust, flexibility, integrity
and pride in what you do.

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Monday - Friday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Saturday: Half Day


Anywhere with High Speed Internet

Leaves & Probation

Leaves: 18 Days Annual Paid Leaves
Probation: 6 Months

Salary Cycle

15th of every month

Salary Appraisal

Post 1 Year Completion

Performance Evaluation

Self Evaluation on a Monthly Basis

We do things differently here at Technofra

Life at Technofra is different. And did we mention, we’re do it all from home? YES! We are a remote-first digital agency working with exceptional talent across boundaries. We take our time & work seriously and work with full autonomy.
And no, we don’t work in silos! From check-ins to brainstorming sessions and virtual breaks to coffee with banter, remote working is in the DNA of Life at Technofra. This means when Google is down, we’re not just enjoying the tweets, but creating our own memes and fun with each other. Our bonds are stronger, competitions friendlier, and Face Off meetings absolutely fun.
At Technofra, we don’t just thrive on digital success, but strive to create those wow moments!

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Marketing Jobs at

If targeting RoAS & driving Leads and
Sales is your core expertise.

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Content &

If you believe that words should be
heard less & communicated more.

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Creative Visualiser &
Motion Graphics

If your visualizing doesn't stop when
the day ends.

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Hall of Excellence

The selection of employees is based on a principle we have adopted called the ASK factor.
ASK is an abbreviation of Attitude, Skill & Knowledge.

A Note to Employers

These candidates were the best-of-the-best over 10 years of Technofra’s operations. If you’ve got
any of them as part of your team or if you are working with them as a client or a vendor, we are
optimistic that you would be working with the best.

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